The Licensing examination which is being conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana will be digitalized. The online examination, which is to take effect from February 2018, will replace the old manual examination system.

This was disclosed by the Registrar of the Council, Mr. Felix Nyante, at a dissemination meeting dubbed “NICHE Ghana 261 Project”. Mr. Nyante briefed staff of the Council on the proposed new examination process.
The initiative is in collaboration with a consortium in the Netherlands called CINOP Global and Advisory Services who have initiated a four-year project to strengthen the capacity of the Council to conduct licensing examination through the use of advanced ICT solutions to ease the laborious processes engaged in the old manual system of licensure examinations. He mentioned a grant of €992.250.00 as funding for the project.
A team of IT consultants and officials from CINOP Global met with the Registrar and a cross section of management of the Council to discuss the modalities of the project and how it would be executed. He explained that three (3) components of the examination, which consists of the practical assessment, Multiple Choice Questions and essays would be digitalized.

He mentioned that the current practical assessment was done manually and would be digitalized as part of the new examination module. The Council was considering through stakeholder engagements whether to conduct multiple choice examinations or a combination of Multiple Choice Questions and essays.

With the introduction of the online examination, the Registrar mentioned that the Council will procure 200 electronic tablets for assessment by Examiners. Mr. Nyante also disclosed that the registration of newly qualified nurses and midwives and license renewal would soon be done to online.

Mrs. Victoria Lamina, the Head of the Examination Unit took Staff through the current process of examinations and the proposed new process of examinations.

Illustrations on the new examination process was demonstrated by Mr. Ampem Abbey, Head of the Intelligence and Disciplinary Unit after which staff were put into groups to identify the risks which was likely to be encountered before, during and after the roll out of this online examination process for consideration.