The Registration Unit registers Nurse Assistants, Nurses and Midwives who have completed their nursing and midwifery education in accredited institutions and were successful in the Licensing examination.

Registration with N&MC assures the public, employers and colleagues that a nurse or midwife:

• Has the qualifications needed to practice

•Has not had his or her name removed from the Register for misconduct

• Is working in a regulated profession Registered Nurses and Midwives practice independently and in collaboration with other health professionals, perform general nursing and midwifery functions, and supervise Nurse Assistants and others.

Registered nurses and midwives use knowledge and judgment to:

• assess health needs

• provide care

• Advise and support people to manage their health.

Nurse Assistants are healthcare providers who have undergone two- year training in Health Assistant Clinical or Community Health Nursing programmes. They provide healthcare to patients or clients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Midwife.




Upon passing the Council’s licensing examination, a Nurse Assistant, Nurse or Midwife would be required to go through the following procedure to be registered to practice legally in the country:

1. Go to the Council’s Regional Office (the Region in which your institution of training is located).

2. Present your Results Slip (Letter from the Council indicating that you have passed the licensing examination). You will be required to complete a Registration Form and pay a non-refundable Registration Fee.

3. You will be issued with: • A Log Book for rotation • Provisional License and • Code for National Service registration.

4. After completing the Rotation/National Service, you would be required to return the Log Book and Provisional License to the Regional Office where you registered and await your PIN and Certificate of Registration.