Section 55 of Act 857 stipulates the functions of the Council as follows; 

1. Establish standards & provide guidelines for the development of curricula for the training of nurse assistants, nurses & midwives
2. Register & maintain a register of practitioners
3. Exercise disciplinary powers over practitioners
4. Prescribe & maintain professional standards and conduct for practitioners
5. In collaboration with appropriate government agencies, ensure that nursing & midwifery institutions are accredited
6. Determine & implement post-registration, continuing education & continuing professional development programs for practitioners
7. Conduct licensing examination for registration of nurses and midwives
8. Ensure that the education and training of nurses and midwives and other nursing practitioners are carried out at approved educational institutions for efficient nursing and midwifery practice
9. Advise the Minister on matters relating to the practice of nursing and midwifery
10. Monitor & inspect training institutions & health facilities in collaboration with the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency
11. Perform any other functions that are ancillary       to the object of the Council


Other Responsibilities: 

• Verification of registration / licensure

• Orientation of foreign-trained nurses & midwives into the Ghanaian setting




Currently the Council regulates the following Nursing and Midwifery programmes:

1.       Neuro Science Nursing

2.       Palliative Care

3.       Haematology Nursing

4.       Well Woman Care – Advanced Midwifery

5.       Neonatal Intensive Care

6.       Onchology Nursing

7.       Paediatric Nursing

8.       Emergency Nursing

9.       Nurse Practitionership

10.   Critical Care Nursing

11.   Peri- Operative Nursing

12.   Public Health Nursing

13.   Ophthalmic Nursing

14.   Ear, Nose & Throat Nursing

15.   Community Psychiatric Nursing

16.   Registered General Nursing

17.   Registered Midwifery

18.   Registered Mental Health Nursing

19.   Registered Community Nursing

20.   Post NAC/NAP Midwifery

21.   Nurse Assistant (Preventive)

22.   Nurse Assistant (Clinical)