{slider Will students have an opportunity to write their mock online before the start of the main exams?}

Ans: Yes, the Council would collaborate with various schools for candidates to try their hands on the demo questions in their schools computer labs before the main exams takes off.


{slider What happens when there is power outage, will students lose their work?}

Ans: No, answers will be saved at every stage of the examination. And one of the criterion for giving accreditation is for a center to have a standby generator which would be turned on when light goes off. The UPS will support the computer for some time before it goes off.


{slider Will there be essay questions?}

Ans: No, it is all multiple choice questions.


{slider Can you change your answers?}

Ans: Yes. Candidates have a chance of changing their answers to any option of their choice.


{slider Will the practical exams also be digitalized?}

Ans: Care plan will still be paper base and case study will be written and submitted as it is done. All component task will be uploaded on a tablet which examiners will use to score candidates during the practical examination. This is the part that is digitalized.


{slider Do we have to go to the exams hall with pens and papers?}

Ans: For pens yes, which would be used to register, the Council would provide candidates with papers for their rough work after which they will be collected.


{slider Can candidates enter the examination hall at any time?}

Ans: No, candidates would be instructed when to enter the exams hall and the exams start as stated on the instructional sheets.


{slider What happens if a candidate mistakenly clicks on the submit button?}

 Ans: A confirmation dialogue box will appear for the candidate to confirm if he/she truly wants to submit the work.


{slider Can a person impersonate a candidate?}

Ans: No, once a candidate enters his/her password and index number, the picture, name of school and programme would appear on the screen throughout the exams.


{slider How will candidates participate in the online exams when the school has no accredited computer lab?}

Ans: Schools that do not have accredited computer labs will have to go to centers that are accredited to write the exams or use the Council’s model computer lab.


{slider What happens when candidates are more than available/functional computers in the lab?}

 Ans:  A school which has candidates more than available/functional computers in the examination center will write in batches until all candidates write.


{slider Will the results of the examination be known immediately after submitting the final work?}

Ans: No, results will be released later and send to the schools as it is done.