What are the entry requirements for a nursing or midwifery program?

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Which Private NMTCs and programs have been approved by Council?

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How many times can I sit for Licensing Examinations

As many times as will enable you pass

Can I Register to re-sit the licensing examinations in part?

No. All referred papers must be re-sat at a go.

Can I change my Name?

Only female Nurses and Midwives can change their surnames from the maiden to their spouse’s name upon completing a prescribed Form.
You are also required to attach the following documents and any other relevant document.
An Application Letter
A Gazette publication
A Legible Copy of Marriage Certificate 

What is indexing?

It is the process of recording personal data as well as academic qualifications of newly admitted students into a data base and ensuring that the students meet the prescribed entry requirement for the particular programme applied for.

What is Verification?

It is the processes of ascertaining one’s credentials as a qualified Nurse or Midwife.
The requirements for verification are:
Applicant’s Name
Name of training institution
Dates of commencement of training and completion
Type of programme and date(s) of Licensing Examinations

What is the use of log books?

The logbooks serve the purpose of keeping track of the practical sessions undertaken by newly qualified nurses during their fifty-two (52) weeks of mandatory internship.
Logbooks are given to tutors of training institutions to monitor their knowledge, attitude and clinical skills which is an important element in capacity building for the individual’s speciality area

Who is qualified to be issued a log book and a Provisional License?

A newly qualified Nurse or Midwife (one who has just passed his/her licensing examination)

How to register for National Service

Procedure for registering with the National Service Scheme (NSS) 
Go to the National Service Scheme (NSS) website – www.nssghana.org
Click on Enrollment
Enter your Pin Code eg:GHS123456 (this code is from the NSS and it is issued by NMC during Registration)
Complete the Registration Form
When completed click on the submit button
Wait a while, a new number (NSS Number) will be generated for you at the top left hand corner of the form
This number would be required when checking your posting online
How to check postings with the NSS
Go to the National Service Scheme (NSS) website – www.nssghana.org
Click on postings
Enter your NSS Number
Posting form and letter will appear for printing
Submit it at NSS Regional Office for Registration
Go to the Regional Director of the Health Services (RDHS) for further posting instruction or his/her designated representative. That is, the DDNS in-charge of your respective region.