How to get PIN or AIN


As a newly qualified Nurse or Midwife, the Council will issue a PIN to you upon registration and subsequently complete 52/week mandatory National Service and the submission of logbook.

As a newly qualified Nurse Assistant, the Council will issue an AIN to you upon enrollment or registration. 


What are the requirements for PIN/AIN renewal?

Read CPD Programmes for Nurse Assistants, Nurses and Midwives on the downloads page or click here


Why should I renew my PIN/AIN?

• It confirms ones professional status,
•No employer would employ any Nurse or Nurse Assistant without a PIN or AIN,
•It could be used for employment in the private sector even while on retirement.


What happens when I do not renew my PIN/AIN?

It is an offence to practice with an expired PIN/AIN. This attracts a penalty and or imprisonment as enshrined under Section 73 (d) of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 2013 (Act 857).


Why does it take too long to receive PIN or AIN after submitting an application?

The duration for processing of PIN or AIN is in fact Thirty (30) minutes after payment of the prescribed fee. Applications submitted to our Regional Offices would take a minimum of one (1) week to be processed. Other causes of delay in processing PIN or AIN include:
Mistakes in Registration or Enrollment Number(s) written by applicants.
Update(s) of knowledge and skills in subjects that are not relevant to the applicant’s area of practice.
Insufficient Update(s).
No evidence of update(s) in knowledge and skills.
Applications without recent Passport-size Pictures
Pictures that do not meet the prescribed specification.
Non disclosure of other Registration or Enrollment numbers by applicants who have multiple Registration or Enrollment Numbers.
NB:  Registration or Enrollment number is the same as Certificate Number.


What do I do if I misplace my PIN/AIN card before the expiry date?

Report at the nearest Police station and request for a Police extract
Take the Police extract to the Council’s Regional Office where the PIN/AIN was issued and apply for replacement.

What are CPDs/CPEs and their relevance in nursing and midwifery practice?

CPD means Continuing Professional Development and CPE means Continuing Professional Education.
CPD/CPE is important because it enables nurses and midwives maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.
CPD/CPE is a requirement for renewal of PIN.


What does CPD mean

CPD is the acronym for Continuing Professional Development.  It is the process through which professionals update and improve their knowledge and skills to assist them perform better in their careers.

CPD is ‘continuing’ because learning never stops! CPD is ‘professional’ because it is about maintaining the specialized knowledge and skills that nurses and midwives need in order to carry out their work.

CPD is about ‘development’ because it is about moving towards something better so it will help raise the standards of healthcare across the country.

All Nurse Assistants, Nurses and Midwives wherever they work – in hospitals, clinics, health centres, training schools, universities, nursing & midwifery organizations, commercial companies, charities, orphanages, schools and NGOs are encouraged to pursue CPD programmes from time to time because it is a requirement for renewal of PIN or AIN.


Where will CPD activities be carried out?

The Council will organize CPD programmes nationwide every year. The Council’s CPD programme is based on 3 key aspects - Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.  Some organisations have also been accredited by the Council to run CPD programmes. They are; FOCOS, MSSI, The Health Institute, Ghana, Princefield College, STREC Limited and Africa Partners Medical.
In addition to the accredited CPD providers, hospitals and training institutions can also organize such programmes.

Nurse Assistants, Nurses and Midwives will be responsible for organizing their attendance at these sessions and keeping their Logbook updated. 

Some CPD activities will be part of regular in-service training, some might be external training courses, meetings or conferences.

NB: To know about upcoming CPD progammes, please visit the event calendar on our website frequently for updated information.

Can I Register at a Regional Office?

YES. Applicants are required to Register in the Region where they trained.

Why does it take so long to receive my Registration Letter

The duration for processing an application for Registration or Enrollment is Three (3) months.
Applicants are advised to contact the Regional Office where they registered if they do not receive any correspondence Three (3) months after they have Registered.
The reasons for delayed Registration include:
Improperly completed Application Form.
Incomplete information provided by applicant.
Inconsistent information provided by applicant.
Passport-size Pictures that do not meet the prescribed specifications.
No evidence or proof of payment.
Unreliable or incorrect Contact Address.
Inaccessible telephone number(s).

How do I get licensed to practice in Ghana as a foreign trained Nurse or Midwife?

Please follow the link below for guidelines on how to Register as a foreign trained Nurse or Midwife.
You can also find the same information on the downloads page, item no. 3, 4 & 5.